Most people call me Juan Juanston. I can make some mean chips and salsa. Let's create something awesome.


Creative Assistant

Scott is a freelance artist, photographer, dog lover, and all around great guy. He is the type of guy you always want on your shoot. No matter what situation we go into, Its guaranteed to turn out great. He is the guy that can fix or make anything. He is invaluable for any shoot.



Jenn is an independent producer with over 10 years in the creative industry, she is self-driven, unique, and creative with a strong background in photo shoot productions. She can take care of everything from the small details to coordinating the biggest of projects. check out her work here


Studio Dog

Pinto is one of my best friends. He is loyal, friendly, and loves to catch bugs. He is a great companion and loves being on shoots. Pinto came from New Hope Cattle Dog Rescue here in Colorado. If you are looking for a great rescue please consider checking them out. He is also pretty photogenic. Check out some shots of him here


Otis is a new edition to the studio. When we had to put down our dog Tootie, Pinto was crushed. We found this little guy at a rescue and he has brought new purpose back into Pinto's life. You have to be careful not to leave him alone. You might come back and find something shredded.