This last week I got the set put up for the first time. There are still a few props to make but we are getting close. Next will be lighting and actually seeing it through a real camera. So far I have only viewed this with my phone. I'm liking how it is all coming together. I think I will shoot a few tests this week and do some color grading.


This last fall I was able to work with Fear Not on a campaign to help raise money for Urban Peak. Urban Peak is a Colorado non-profit organization that serves homeless youth across the state. The Denver egotist just recently posted about our efforts on the project. It's always great to work on projects that really help people out. Find out more about how you can help out Urban Peak here.


Holiday time I'm usually doing lots of different projects. Making artwork, client gifts, and sometimes helping out agencies with their Christmas cards. I have been lucky enough to work on Cultivators for the last 5 years. It's always a great time for everyone involved. Some more elaborate than others. They seem to grow quite a bit every year. We may have to think of something with less photoshopping next year.

The school scene from Elf was this year's card.

Here is one...


Right before the holiday break I got the opportunity to work on a new cover illustration for Minnesota Monthly Magazine. I had done some animations for Bloomington, Minnesota last year and believe that is where they first saw my work. I am so fortunate to get to do what I do every day. Being able to live in the photography and the art world is super important to me. I love being able to use so many different skills on a project. I have included a few process shots along with the final cover of the magazine. The piece ended up being around 17X22. I usually build the entire piece, then...


For the last couple of years, I have had a ton of fun working with a friend of mine in miniature. We first started off with a series of parodies of the Alaskan Bush People. We then got invited to participate in a film festival and were asked to make a film of something that took place in 1991. We made a version of Nirvana's Smells like teen spirit. Shot for shot we recreated the video in doll version. With all the fun and success we had with Nirvana, we have a list of new...


Have you ever tried mead? Do you even know what it is? When I tell people I have been shooting for a meadery, they are confused and always wonder if it is a new hip name for a butcher shop. Well, mead is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages known to man. It is basically just water and honey. Meridian Hive Meadery in Austin, Texas is doing something different. They are one of the first to make carbonated meads. They still make the traditional water, honey, still mead's, but these are something new and different. Right now they are only in Texas,...


Earlier in the year I was out on a job in Southern California. My family was able to come out for my few days off and we did some sight seeing around my home town. Here are a few outtakes from one of our stops.


I love playing music, seeing music, and everything about music. I didn't have an opportunity to learn as a kid, but make every bit of spare time I have to do something with music. I went with a friend last week to see Fantastic Negrito. What a great night of music. He said at the show that it was like going to church without all the religion. Definitely a true statement.